Our first movie is out!!Force Calls

This is our trailer for the force calls I will be posting movie later on go subscribe to my youtube channel!!~~~https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdDOZKpXVFcjBHypTvwfHpA


My First Channel link and how Diego and Issac Star Wars series started!

The link to my OLD channel is “old channel click here Our series started like this 2 kids loved star wars and were bored one day and put together a little play to put in front of their whole neighborhood and they loved how the kids mixed star wars with comedy,theory,creativity,and good star war script one of the kids,Diego wanted to another play in front of neighborhood but Issac didn’t want to not wanting to tell diego he lied that he had to go somewhere so Diego said that they should do a video Issac agreed still not wanting to do the video either…our first video is this


The Most Epic Series I Have EVER Made

Hi guys I ‘ am just so excited about my new series called”THE FALL” visit my channel click on blue wording for the link ,my channel ,my channel, and please suscribe heres a video part 1 of THE FALL theres a part 2 but go to my channel for that one this is just for advertisment purposes for you to go to my channel and hopefully you like it and suscribe and like my videos

why are things creepy?


QUESTION 1-by the way the guy is not me-how did u like the video=it was good not that creepy only thing creepy is the teddy bear

QUESTION 2-2 things thing you found intresting=how if happy masks can still make you feel scared or how you always feel like someone is about to grab you

QUESTION 3-what are some of the things that creeped you out-only the teddy bear

QUESTION 4-what would you be intrested in watching more Vsauce videos-no

QUESTION 5-what is something that normally creeps people out but doesnt creep you out-uhh ya..umm do I have to awnser this question teacher says ”yes” Umm. sine ummm ghosts umm…ya I dont know 😦

comment your awnsers!!click the blue wording for the happy pictures puppies

happy pics


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good and bad









What you guys think of logo the phot0 above that says powered by pikto chart cool huh?Hi guys how do YOU like my website for my youtube channel. Please put in comments what you think.I put alot of work in to it I hope you do like it.This is the link to my youtube channel click on the blue wording”diegoyoutubeseries” SUSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL AND LIKE MY  VIDEOS.I need to tell you a secret I have an old youtube channel which is for my FIRST VIDEO EVER which is”oldchannel


What Happen To Clones After Republic and Empire

What happened to the clones who fought along side the sith and who fought  along the jedi. This is a star wars theory post. This is what I think happened to the clones who fought alongside totally diffrent people. This is what I think happens to clones after the Republic, the clones who tried to protect the jedi by taking out their chip probally got killed except captain rex,and commander wolfe. Commander Cody and Comander Gree became  Generals in the empire and trained the new generation of clones in the empires academy.Since clones get older 2 times as much as regular humans,or aliens.So I think the Empire genrals passed before the blow up of death star and ithink the ”traders”to the empire are going to die in the star wars rebels thanks for reading!Go to my youtube channel Ill post my account in one of my next posts.good and bad