why are things creepy?


QUESTION 1-by the way the guy is not me-how did u like the video=it was good not that creepy only thing creepy is the teddy bear

QUESTION 2-2 things thing you found intresting=how if happy masks can still make you feel scared or how you always feel like someone is about to grab you

QUESTION 3-what are some of the things that creeped you out-only the teddy bear

QUESTION 4-what would you be intrested in watching more Vsauce videos-no

QUESTION 5-what is something that normally creeps people out but doesnt creep you out-uhh ya..umm do I have to awnser this question teacher says ”yes” Umm. sine ummm ghosts umm…ya I dont know šŸ˜¦

comment your awnsers!!click the blue wording for the happy picturesĀ puppies

happy pics



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