Diego Ulloa the startube guy

erwsetwetwetHey guys, thanks for coming to my website suscribe to my channel and search up my funniest video ever called,Funniest death and mix up of my house,by diego ulloa

from their look at my channel and like my videos and suscribe for more! Ok enough of me trying to sale you to my channel, you guys dont really know my life besides the funny guy who does star wars videos. I know I dont really seem like it but I do alot of public speaking at my school I am part of k kids and I always win to be in the cabnet like vice president or president or secatary. I am part of the lions club Iam the youngest member they are in their 40s 50s 60s 70s and iam in my 11s I do speeches in front of them they do fundraisers for all over the word its a worldwide club. I am also very proud of my sherrifs fundraiser and raised 1000 dollars for bellflower and lakewood!the man in the suit in the back of pic is mayor with sherifs team honoring me